Missing Pregnant Woman: Carly Scott of Hawaii

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Hawaii News Now tells us of a scorched 1997 Toyota 4Runner found in rural Hawaii on Wednesday, while the search continues for the pregnant owner of the vehicle.

Carly "Charli" Scott has been reported missing since Monday. While her dog passenger has been found in a nearby community, it seems as if the woman has disappeared without a trace.

The believed father of the child, ex-boyfriend Steven Capobianco, is apparently the last person who has seen Carly Scott-- he understands why he is probably the prime suspect.

Scott picked up Capobianco on Sunday night and drove him to an adjacent city in the rural Upcountry Maui so that he could fix his truck. Scott followed him back from Keanae later, both on their way back to Haiku, but Capobianco reportedly lost sight of Scott's vehicle.

Capobianco told a Hawaii news station that he sent her a "thank you" text with no response, but received a visit from the police in the following pre-dawn hours.

Capobianco was administered a lie-detector test, which he failed, and was thoroughly questioned by the police-- but no arrests have been made nor any suspects named. The search party has reported "possible evidence," but authorities are requesting that the information be kept vague until further investigation. Police are requesting any searchers to refrain from touching or moving any clues they may discover.

A party of over 30 people -a blend of family members, authorities and volunteers- are a part of the search team, as well as growing help via the internet:

Besides Carly Scott's ex-boyfriend seeing her that night, the 5'10, 160 lb., red-haired pregnant woman with green eyes was last seen at her sister's home in Haiku, a city in northeast Maui.

Anyone with information that could assist with Carly "Charli" Scott's search should contact Detective Wendell Loo at (808) 270-6516 during business hours or (808) 268-2763 after hours.

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