Missing Actress Calls Family "Terrorists", Disappears

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Mabel Pantaleon, an actress who has appeared on the popular show "Dexter", went missing last weekend after becoming upset over something she saw online and was found at the airport on Thursday, attempting to buy a plane ticket.

Panaleon's mother, whom she was staying with, says she thinks her daughter went off her medication--she's manic depressive--before displaying odd behavior and calling her family "terrorists".

"She said, 'I'm leaving from here, all of you are terrorists, you're not my mother. I knew it wasn't her," her mother said.

Pantaleon has apparently had a rough time since becoming an actress; she recently lost her apartment, which is why she's been staying with her mother. Her family says she doesn't have friends or a boyfriend, which they say contribute to her condition. After she left on Sunday, her mother called police immediately, but they didn't find her until Thursday; her name popped up in a police database when she tried to buy a plane ticket at J.F.K. airport. She was later taken to a hospital for treatment and observation.

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