Miss Universe Paulina Vega Downplays Booing Incident, Says No One Thought Miss Jamaica Would Even Be In The Top Five Finalists

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Paulina Vega may have been the one who took home the Miss Universe crown in January, but the booing controversy and the Twitter backlash may have proved that the people wanted someone else for the coveted spot. While some people thinks that she did not deserve the crown at all, the 22-year-old beauty queen is now speaking out about her crowning moment and the controversy that followed.

The Colombian beauty spoke to El Diablo about her life after the big win. Vega said that the experience has surpassed her expectations. She was spotted recently attending the New York Fashion Week and soon, she will be travelling to places like Dubai and Indonesia before flying off to her home country.

Speaking about those who wanted Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell to win, Vega said that not everyone can be pleased, citing how each participant from the 88 countries involved had their own group. Vega claimed that the auditorium where the pageant was held is “super small,” possibly adding to the loudness of the boos that erupted when Fennel was announced as the fourth runner up.

“People believe that it was 95 percent of the auditorium, but it wasn't like that,” Vega said. “I think no one thought Jamaica was going to be the first called in the top five, but I think that she is also happy being a top five finalist. It turned into something sad when the whole world should be proud and happy about what Jamaica did.”

Fans speculated on Twitter that Fennell lost due to her spunky attitude and her short pixie haircut. Fennell’s fans think that Vega was unintelligent and just pretty, something that Miss Colombia is out to disprove.

In her home country, Vega is being invited to join in on the peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels, a leftist group that’s been accused of masterminding bombings, murders, and kidnappings in Colombia. From beauty queen to peace talk negotiator, Vega is set to make waves this year.

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