Miss Universe Pageant Mistake Renders Steve Harvey A Hated Man in Colombia

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Miss Universe was crowned Sunday night after a gaffe on behalf of host Steve Harvey. Reading the cue card incorrectly, Harvey incorrectly named Miss Colombia--Ariadna Gutierrez--winner of the Miss Universe pageant. A very short time later, Harvey appeared back on stage announcing his mistake. That's when the real winner--Miss Philippines--was crowned Miss Universe.

People in Colombia find nothing the least bit amusing about this mistake. Certainly Steve Harvey didn't either. He was embarrassed and he felt terrible for the awkward position he put Miss Colombia in.

Some Colombians, however, now regard Steve Harvey with great disdain. He has become a hated man in Colombia--all because of the Miss Universe mistake.

“They stole the crown from us and destroyed the dreams of a country,” Miss Colombia's cousin, Álvaro Arévalo, told the Bogotá newspaper El Tiempo. “They exposed her to public humiliation.”

Colombians hold their beauty pageants in very high esteem, so they're not very forgiving about the mistake Steve Harvey made at the Miss Universe Pageant, Time magazine reports.

Miss Colombia was forgiving. She is now the recipient of much sympathy from fellow Colombians. In fact, some believe the Miss Universe Pageant mistake will wind up pushing her even further into the public eye. That could be life changing for Gutierrez.

Colombian fashion maven Pilar Castaño says of the situation, “If she plays her cards right, it could be a dream.”

No one would deny Miss Colombia her dream, especially in light of the embarrassment she no doubt felt during the Miss Universe Pageant.

Do you think Steve Harvey's mistake should render him a hated man in that country, however? Do you expect Colombians in this country regard the Miss Universe host the same way?

Kimberly Ripley
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