Miss Canada Shocked By Response To Hockey Costume

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Miss Canada went viral on Thursday after she made it through the National Costume portion of the Miss Universe pageant.

The stunning Canadian wore a costume that was very, very hockey inspired.

Miss Canada was decked out from her crown, which was a Stanley Cup, to her high lace-up hockey boots. She also wore hockey sticks on her back like wings and a scoreboard.

It was quite the spectacle.

Miss Canada knew she had done something right when she heard gasps throughout the auditorium.

"When I came out on stage there was a huge gasp in the audience, which was awesome. That was a surreal moment for me," she said.

Miss Canada wasn't the only one that went with something a little more daring than usual. Miss Great Britain wore a skimpy version of the Queen's Guard uniform. Miss Ireland wore a dress that was inspired by Celtic warrior garb. Even Miss Venezuela was outfitted to resemble the country's national tree.

But Miss Canada's costume was definitely the standout.

The costume was designed by Alex Kavanagh, a Toronto-based TV and film costume designer. She often works in the horror film industry and was the mastermind behind the character Jigsaw from the Saw movies.

Miss Canada teamed up with Kavanagh to create the perfect costume to represent Canada, in their opinion, and many shared that opinion.

"They loved it cause it is something different and out of the box," she said.

She added, "Typically at Miss Universe, the national costumes are huge -- they have a great stage presence, there's a lot of feathers and bling."

However, many were critical of her interesting choice.

But, either way, Miss Canada feels that the costume was a success.

"Whether that’s good reviews or bad reviews, we're still getting talked about," Miss Canada said. "At the end of the day, mission accomplished."

What did you think of Miss Canada's costume?

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