Miss America Prom Stunt Results in Suspension


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Patrick Farves’ dream of attending the prom with Miss America Nina Davuluri won’t come true, but his actions have made national headlines.

During an assembly at Central York High School in York, PA, the high school senior decided to ask out Davuluri as part of a joke, but it turned into something more serious: a suspension. Farves’ plan to ask Miss America to prom soon spread across his school. He felt pressured to keep his word; he had to do it.

News of Farves’ goal reached the administration at Central York High School; they couldn’t allow it to happen. Right before the assembly, he was told that if he asked Davuluri to prom he risked disciplinary actions. Despite their warning, Farves felt determined to succeed in his mission.

“At that point in time, it was 10 minutes before the presentation, and I was pretty much set to do it…I was a little pressured. Everyone expected me to do it,” he said.

Prior to the assembly, a few students were selected to ask pre-approved questions to Miss America, which Farves wasn’t among the short list. So when given the chance, he high-jacked the microphone, and then proceeded to ask Davuluri to prom. The beauty queen took it in good strive by laughing it off and accepting his plastic flower.

He received two rounds of applause from the crowd. However, Farves’ glory didn’t last long, because immediately following his stunt he was escorted out of the auditorium and received a three day in-school suspension.

After his friends and classmates discovered Farves’ suspension, they used Twitter to protest it with the hashtag #freepatty.

Though Farves may be honored by their protest, he understands and accepts his punishment, even expressing gratitude for not facing a harsher discipline for his rule break.

"I do understand why the administration was mad, I don't want to be the kind of person to try to justify myself. ...I didn't intend to disrespect the administration. I can see how it was seen as a slap in the face," he stated.

Also as part of his punishment, the administration made him write an apology letter to the superintendent. Additionally, he wrote one to Miss America, but this wasn’t necessary because she thought his actions were “cute.”

Later Central York High School posted an official statement about the incident on their Facebook page.

Image via Nina Davuluri, Twitter