Miranda Lambert Debuts Cute "Platinum" Hair

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Miranda Lambert debuted a new platinum bob this week after rocking an already shortened look for a while.

The shorter cut and platinum color give her a bit of an edgier look, which would be taking a cue from the direction of her latest music offerings.

It seems like shorter is better for many stars these days and Miranda Lambert is no exception!

She looks great and the cut is a super cute addition to the list of changes this girl has gone through recently.

We love it, and think the cut is sure to catch on.

Miranda Lambert debuted a new figure at last year's CMA awards ceremony to rants and raves across the nation.

She said of her weight loss, “I’m going to be 30 in like four days, so I’m like, ‘I need to get ahead of this thing!’” she said. “They say when you hit 30 it doesn’t get easier.”

That is so true. What did she do? According to her, the secret is working out, drinking juice, and "running around".

Of course, she doesn't aspire to be a Barbie. Lambert said of her transformation, “I don’t care about being stick-thin. I don’t want stuff to jiggle. Really skinny actresses make me hungry,” she said.

She continued, “I see them and think, Honey, you need to eat! I’m lucky I don’t have to live like that. I feel my best when I’m a toned, not flabby, size 8. Women come up to me and say, ‘You’re beautiful and confident,’ and that makes me feel I can be, too.”

With the great new figure and a new cute haircut and color, Miranda Lambert is an inspiration to change things up a bit. Maybe some of us need to get out of the summer rut a little and try something new.

What do you think about Miranda Lambert's new 'do?

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