Mira Sorvino: Falling Skies Guest Star on TNT


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The beautiful actress Mira Sorvino has a guest starring role in the TNT Sci-Fi drama Falling Skies. This is the televisions shows fourth season of action revolving around an alien invasion of Earth. Falling Skies which is produced by Dream Works TV, will premier in the summer of 2014. Her character on Falling Skies is as a graphic designer that is constantly running from life or death situations, yet feels free. By chance she meets a guerrilla fighter named John Pope, the actor Collin Cunningham who urges her to work with the resistance. The two characters become close as the season progresses.

Fans can catch up on past episodes by watching Falling Skies online or buying prior seasons on dvd.

Last season Sorvino was in a drama Trooper where she plays a divorced mother and state trooper on the pilot episode. She is set to make another appearance on the CBS drama.

Sorvino is also well know for her roles in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Mimic, The Replacement Killers, and the Summer of Sam.  She won a Golden Globe and Academy Award for best supporting role in Mighty Aphrodite. Additional nominations for the Golden Globe and the Emmy in Norma Jean and Marilyn,  and Golden Globe nomination for her leading role in the mind provoking TV series Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking is a difficult concept for many people in the western world to grasp. There currently are more people involved in human trafficking than most people realize. Although the exact numbers of those affected cannot be confirmed more information, possible solutions, and prevention needs to be discussed.

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