Minecraft Creator Shows Off First Footage Of 0x10c


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Markus "Notch" Persson is celebrated as the creator of Minecraft. Since last year, however, he left the Minecraft team to focus on a new game. It was envisioned as a space travel sim that used real 8-bit computers. We've seen a few screenshots, but we never got a look at actual gameplay until now.

Notch started up a new YouTube channel recently to drop some information on the progress he's making with 0x10c. Those familiar with Minecraft will be instantly at home with the game's primitive, yet charming, visual style. What it lacks in visuals, however, it makes up for in complexity. The player is on board a realistic space ship, and the game will require the player to treat it as such.

The test footage doesn't show any of the more complex actions that Notch has mentioned, but it still looks good. The physics, in particular, are looking very nice at the moment. Unfortunately, what we see now may never come to pass. Speaking to the Penny Arcade Report, Notch said that he might start over because the game isn't exactly fun in its current form.

Either way, I'm sure 0x10c will be brilliant. Minecraft may not be my cup of tea, but I still am constantly in awe of how groundbreaking its design was. I may end up not liking 0x10c, but that shouldn't make it any less stellar.