Mindy McCready Denies Shooting Boyfriend To Death

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Mindy McCready, who was at one time a promising country music star, has battled so many demons in the past decade it's hard to keep up with them all. In 2005, she suffered brutal abuse at the hands of her ex, who choked and punched her after a disagreement, inflicting serious damage to her face. In the subsequent years, she's been arrested for prescription drug fraud, arrested for DUI, arrested for identity theft, and allegedly attempted suicide. She also suffered a serious dependence on drugs and was a cast member of "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" in 2009.

The latest story to surface about the troubled star involves her boyfriend and father of her baby, 34-year old David Wilson, who allegedly shot and killed himself earlier this month. Now, investigators are looking at McCready as a possible suspect in his death, as Wilson reportedly didn't die immediately after the shot was fired. The fact that McCready didn't attend Wilson's memorial service is also being looked at.

McCready contends she had nothing to do with the shooting, although she was there when it happened.

"Oh, my God, no. He was my life. We were each others' life...I have never gone through anything this painful. He didn't just touch my heart, he touched my soul. He was my soulmate," she said.

Rumors have already begun to fly that Wilson was having an affair, providing ample motive for the country singer to want revenge. Investigators are trying to determine conclusively whether Wilson died by suicide or at someone else's hands, but it will take a few weeks for tests to come back.

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