Mindy Kaling Joins Lena Dunham, Kristen Wiig And Jenji Kohan At Sundance Panel

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On Saturday, the Sundance Film Festival organized a panel called “Power of Story: Serious Ladies”. The panel is comprised of four of the top female creators in the industry today: Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project, Girls’ Lena Dunham, Orange is the New Black mastermind Jenji Kohan, and Bridesmaids writer Kristen Wiig. The four talked about mastering their craft in an industry dominated mostly by men. The panel was enlightening, and considering their pedigree, also quite entertaining.

At one point, Mindy Kaling even delivered the perfect response about working in a predominantly male industry. Kaling said, “I have a personality defect where I sort of refuse to see myself as an underdog. It has gotten me into a lot of trouble, but is also the reason for my success.”

“I often am reminded of it when people ask me why I’m confident… why wouldn’t I be? It’s because my parents raised me with the entitlement of a tall, blonde, white man. That’s the way to do it, picture yourself as Armie Hammer on the outside,” Mindy Kaling quipped, referring to the blond actor known for his roles in The Social Network and The Lone Ranger.

And it seems, Mindy Kaling has a few more skills up her sleeve aside from writing and being funny. During the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Reese Witherspoon talked to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson about Kaling’s crafting skills. “Mindy has started this thing, Wreath Witherspoon. It's hard to say, but she was so sweet,” Witherspoon said. “She sent me one for the Oscars nomination and [it's] just very creative. It showed her floral abilities. She also writes, directs, acts and she arranges flowers beautifully.”

Reese Witherspoon posted a photo on her Instagram that shows the wreath hanging on the front door of her home. It looks like Mindy Kaling has another thing to add on her resume.

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