Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Talks about Millionaire Dates Gone Wrong


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December 5th, the Millionaire Matchmaker entered its 7th season.Matchmaker Patti Stanger keeps her no nonsense attitude, the one that made the show so popular in the previous 6 seasons. With Stanger rarely showing her softer side on the show, it's hard to imagine a more vulnerable side to the reality star. But when she sat down to talk to OK!, Stanger  revealed a lot about her past and being a matchmaker.

In the Ok! Magazine exclusive video, Stanger answers some of the fans' tweeted in questions. Many of the questions ask Stanger about whether certain cities are hopeless for finding love. They also ask Stanger if she'll be visiting their locations anytime soon. Stanger singles out San Francisco as an area with "three markets." The three markets to her are the Silicon Valley millionaires, "granola-munchers" who need makeovers and the big gay scene there.

The most interesting thing Stanger discusses in the video is the best and worst date she's seen as a millionaire matchmaker. The best one involved a guy taking his date to Paris. The millionaire asked the date if she'd ever been to Paris. The women said no, then the millionaire flew them there for a week.  Stanger continues to say that the couple only dated for six months. She's not sure why the couple didn't last longer because both of them "disappeared on her." The worst date was an unnamed celebrity  who took his date to a swingers' club. Stanger reveals that she had to revoke his membership after that, because he was "a little sex addicted there."

When the interview starts, Stanger reveals that her biggest regret is not having children. When Stanger was in her twenties, she had an abortion. She didn't think it was okay to be a single mother. Stanger goes on to say that she never thought she'd adopt. She expected to meet someone, settle-down and have kids.

Watch the video here.

Image, Via Ok! Magazine