Millennials Are Really Into Snapchat

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That about says it. Millennials, categorized by comScore as those aged 18 to 34, have a new favorite toy in the social media realm.

According to comScore's most-recent Mobile Metrix, Snapchat is now the third most-popular social app for millennials. It boasts 32.9 percent penetration, trailing only Instagram and Facebook (43.1 percent and 75.6 percent, respectively).

That means that more Millennials are snapping ephemeral photos than are using Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, or Tumblr.

And when you look at the even-younger crowd, those aged 18 to 24, Snapchat meteoric rise is even more pronounced:

"Long term success in the social media sector is no given, and there are certainly several examples of companies that have both ascended into the stratosphere of successful tech companies and of ones that are no longer relevant. Achieving critical mass is an important step in eventually reaching the winner’s circle, and with Snapchat currently at 18 percent penetration among smartphone-using adults it would appear to be right in that sweet spot. If usage begins to accelerate significantly from this point forward, who knows how big it can eventually get?" asks comScore.

First off, don't kick MySpace while it's down. That's just mean. But to the salient point – is Snapchat poised for a breakout – well, is it? What do you think? The app currently handles well over 700 messages a day, is clearly a hit with the kidz these days, has somehow prompted Facebook to create two crappy copycat apps, and has just been given a seemingly comical $10 billion valuation. Critical mass may have already been achieved.

Or, the Snapchat bubble might burst. Like comScore said, it wouldn't be the first time that a high-flying social property went full Icarus.

Images via comScore, Snapchat/iTunes

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