Millennial Media Survey Forecasts Big '11 For Android

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When it comes to receiving attention from publishers and advertisers, rivals of Google's mobile operating system are perhaps not going to do too well next year.  New stats from Millennial Media are out, and Android appears ready to grab the figurative spotlight.

The graphs below, which were included in the State of the Apps Industry 2010 Report, pretty well show how 600 professionals responded to questions regarding where they plan to focus.  The graphs represent great news for Google, and something akin to the apocalypse for Palm.

In between those extremes are Microsoft and Apple.  Microsoft should be quite pleased to see the (projected) acceptance of Windows Phone 7; Millennial Media's numbers indicate it's done all the right things leading up to the actual launch.

Apple, meanwhile, may be unhappy about the iPhone's showing, but can take some comfort in the fact that the iPad still appears towards the left side of both graphs.

Then here's some good news for just about everybody: a post on the Millennial Blog stated, "Publishers anticipate significant growth in their applications revenue in 2011.  A full 31% of those surveyed expect their applications to increase 100% or more in 2011, with another 17% expecting an increase of 50% or more."

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