Milla Jovovich Hopes To Inspire Other Pregnant Women

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Milla Jovovich took to her Facebook page on Tuesday to share some of what is going on with her second pregnancy.

At 39, Milla Jovovich is currently awaiting the arrival of her second child with her husband, Paul W. S. Anderson. She is only 10 weeks away from her due date and is super excited to be a mommy to her new baby.

Milla Jovovich is already a mother to a daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson.

The Resident Evil actress is already planning on whipping herself back into shape before filming of the latest installment begins in August.

Milla Jovovich said, "I've gained all the baby weight I need to have a healthy pregnancy -30 lbs.- and as of last week, I've started having to be really careful about my lifestyle so I don't continue to gain unnecessarily; which is not healthy for me OR my newborn."

Me and my gorgeous man after the school run on my birthday!!#ladiary

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She added, "Saying that, I've started taking long walks to keep my metabolism in high gear and working on a game plan with my trainer, Harley Pasternak to come up with the ideal daily diet for me."

Milla Jovovich has always been very health conscious, and that mindset has really helped her in her career and especially right now as she prepares for baby. She sees to want to make sure other moms out there know that it's ok to gain weight in order to be healthy during pregnancy.

Happy Monday everyone! Me and my amazing girl before school this morning! #ladiary

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"Just so you understand, when I say diet, I'm not talking about losing weight, I'm talking about what I'm eating on a daily basis. I don't want to lose ANY weight right now, because at 170 lbs. I'm at a perfect pregnancy weight for my height and build. I want to maintain where I’m at; my ideal being 175 all together (with a total of 35 lbs. gained over all through out my pregnancy)."

She said of her purpose in writing this post, "I thought I could share the last leg of this journey with you all because I think it's interesting and potentially inspiring for other moms-to-be!"

That is really thoughtful of Milla Jovovich. Sometimes expectant moms feel overwhelmed and confused (and huge and cranky). It's nice to know that there are others going through it in the spotlight that can offer advice and affirmation.

What do you think of Milla Jovovich's pregnancy advice?

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