Miley Cyrus Takes Over Twitter

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Miley Cyrus is pretty popular these days, even if it is mostly for negative reasons. After her interview with NBC’s “Today” host Matt Lauer and appearance as the host of Saturday Night Live and the release of her new album "Bangerz," she has taken over Twitter.

Many of her friends and fans were congratulating her on her album, talking about the music or posting lyrics. Miley had told her fans that her new album would be different from her other music and fans have anticipated its release for months.

While hosting SNL, Miley impersonated Rep. Michele Bachmann and Taran Killam impersonated Speaker of the House John Boehner while dancing and reenacting scenes from Mileys video "We Can't Stop. The parody video is called "We Did Stop (the government.)" Miley and Taran dance with Uncle Same himself and lick various items and surfaces, including a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

If her new album release and SNL performance didn't give everyone enough to talk about, the twitter universe also had some fun with the interview between Miley and Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today." Miley talked about her quest for attention and even told Matt that he was not sexual because he was over 40.

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