Miley Cyrus Denies Drug Overdose


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Twerking sensation Miley Cyrus has denied rumors that her recent illness was the result of a drug overdose, and asserts that she is "the poster child for good health."

While addressing talk that her recent hospital stint was actually due to illicit drug use, Cyrus insisted that this was not the case, during a press conference at London's O2 Arena Tuesday, in anticipation of the relaunch of the European leg of her Bangerz tour. "I didn't have a drug overdose," Cyrus explained, adding, "I took some shitty antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction."

The potty-mouthed superstar, 21, commented, "I'm probably the only one on this tour who doesn't drink or smoke before a show, as I take this really seriously. It's almost like being an athlete being up here, because if someone was fucked up, they definitely couldn't do my show."

Cyrus attributes her recovery to vitamins and honey, and called her hospital stay "the most miserable two weeks of (her) life." The pop idol made her rounds on social media as she prepared to return to her Bangerz stage:

Cyrus, back in form, at the O2 Arena in London Tuesday:

Cyrus was forced to cancel the last of her North American Bangerz tour dates after falling ill in mid-April due to an extremely adverse reaction of antibiotics. The singer ended up being hospitalized for several days, and tour dates had to be rescheduled. It's been speculated that Cyrus' loss of her beloved dog Floyd might have compounded her illness. Just before getting sick, Cyrus had apologized in advance to Boston fans for her April 2nd gig. “I’m sorry in advance if I am not myself tomorrow Boston. I will try my best to be my best,” Cyrus said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons