Mila Kunis Takes A Trip Home With Ashton After Red Carpet

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Mila Kunis took a trip to Iowa with fiance Ashton Kutcher over the weekend to visit his family after news broke last week that the couple are expecting their first child.

Kunis was spotted on the red carpet for her new film "Jupiter Ascending" just before the trip and posed with co-star Channing Tatum in a flowy navy dress. The couple have still not commented publicly on the pregnancy, but Kunis was seen at a pre-natal yoga class recently, spurring rumors that she is expecting.

"She is so private she probably won't ever talk about it—at least not publicly," a source told E! News. "She and Ashton don't want to share this with the world. They've been like that for their entire relationship. Ashton knows what it's like having a very public relationship and doesn't want it again."

"Jupiter Ascending" is the latest film from the Wachowskis and focuses on Kunis, who plays a janitor destined for something big. The sci-fi film has been hotly anticipated and also stars Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne.

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