Mila Kunis Shares Robin Williams' Advice


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Mila Kunis recently opened up about some advice she received years ago from the late Robin Williams.

Kunis first recalled meeting Williams while she was a teenager working on the set of That 70's Show.

"So many times you meet people they don't impact you. You meet them and they're gracious and they're nice," Kunis told Esquire, "and then there are sometimes when you meet somebody and they say one thing and for the rest of your life you carry that one thing and they don't even know that they impacted your life."

Kunis, who is engaged to Ashton Kutcher, explained that her friend Kurtwood Smith, who co-starred alongside Kunis on the comedy series, was friends with Williams. She recalled a day that they were on set, and Robin was filming another show nearby. Kurtwood said he was going to say hi to Williams, and Kunis decided to join them.

Kurt said, “Oh, I’m gonna go say hi to Robin.” And I was like, Oh my god, like there's Robin Williams," Mila recalled. He then gave her some advice that she will never forget. Mila told him her name to which he replied, “Yeah? You're on '70s?” And then he said, “Remember this moment. Remember this because things like this don't happen very often. Remember this time.”

In 2013, Robin and Mila reunited to work on a film together titled The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. Kunis reminded him of the advice he had shared so many years ago. "He said, 'It stands true. Today, right now, at this very moment, step back and appreciate it," she said. "And I went, 'OK.'"