Mila Kunis Gives an Awkward Oz Interview

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Most press junket interviews are incredibly boring. Celebrities sit in one spot with movie art in the background and talk to a variety of reporters, answering the same boring questions over and over. Throw in a rookie BBC Radio reporter and Equire's sexiest woman alive, though, and you have some of the most awkward flirting seen on YouTube.

BBC Radio this week posted the interview, between Oz The Great and Powerful star Mila Kunis and Chris Stark, a reporter who claims the confrontation is his first celebrity interview. When Stark begins to make things awkward by voicing his fears, calling Kunis "hot," and soliciting reviews of his interview skills, Kunis takes control of the moment. The conversation quickly shifts to drinking, sports, and nude wedding dances.

Before watching what could be the most interesting Mila Kunis interview ever, it's worth noting that Kunis describes her condition as "deathly ill."

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