Mila Kunis' Futuristic Gown In 'Jupiter Ascending' Creates Excitement On The Internet

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With a new baby and a new movie, Mila Kunis is one hardworking mama! The excitement surrounding her new film Jupiter Ascending went through the roof and straight to outer space as her wedding gown for one of the film’s pivotal scenes was revealed.

Kunis wore a stunning ivory and orange dress that’s lined with crystals and red poppies. The futuristic gown was designed by Kym Barrett, who is also responsible for the eye-popping costumes in The Wachowskis’ The Matrix series and Cloud Atlas.

In the film, Kunis will play the titular character, Jupiter Jones, a janitor who encounters an interplanetary warrior (Channing Tatum). The unsuspecting janitor discovers that there’s more to life than cleaning toilets, and she is whisked off into outer space to find her destiny.

Although Kunis shot the film way before she got pregnant, the actress is back in shape barely six months after giving birth to Wyatt, her son with fellow That 70s Show alumni, Ashton Kutcher. The family was seen hanging out in a Santa Monica beach where Kunis was spotted sporting a pair of skinny jeans, showing off her wonderful post-baby figure.

After doing yoga and Pilates during her pregnancy, the 31-year-old new mom is now taking the natural approach to lose the excess pounds. Kunis said that hiking and breastfeeding really helped her shed the pounds. The couple also decided against hiring a nanny for Wyatt, and the two celebrities are very much hands-on in taking care of the baby.

Fans of the actress are about to get a dose of her outer space combat skills as Jupiter Ascending finally opens on Feb. 6 after being delayed for almost a year. If you think that her wedding gown in the film was crazy, wait until you see all her crazy space costumes. Remember to be on the lookout for her stunning tight leather outfit!

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