Mila Kunis: Baby Bump Visible on New Orleans Trip

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Mila Kunis displayed her baby bump proudly during a recent trip she and fiance Ashton Kutcher took to New Orleans. The happy couple joined Ashton's sister Tausha and her husband on the vacation that included a tour of a brewing company about 30 miles outside of NOLA. A spokesperson for the Abita Brewing Company said the foursome were a lot of fun to chat with.

"They were really awesome, sweet and down to earth people," the spokesperson said. "We gave them a private tour and they enjoyed our beer."

The group saw some aging beer tanks and learned how several of the company's beers were brewed. They also enjoyed some samples of the company's products--at least everyone but Mila Kunis did.

Besides the brewery tour, Mila and Ashton and their family members visited a local Waffle House in Slidell, Louisiana.

"They were with their niece and two other family members—the door girl talked to them in passing and they told her they were visiting family and that's why they were there," a source says of the visit. "Ashton ordered light over easy eggs and Mila ordered light over easy eggs without oil because she's trying to eat healthy for baby, she said."

It certainly seems like the Two and a Half Men star and his fiancee are low maintenance travelers. A brewery and a Waffle House aren't exactly on the roster of most Hollywood celebrities' vacation plans. How do you suppose the couple will spend their honeymoon? It was recently divulged that they will wait to get married until after their baby is born.

A fan took a photo of the down to earth couple and his family members and she posted it on Twitter, making mention of Mila Kunis's growing baby bump.

That same fan had no qualms about appearing like a celebrity stalker either.

Can you blame her though? Wouldn't you want to catch a glimpse of Mila Kunis's growing baby bump--and even more importantly, a glimpse of Ashton Kutcher?

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