Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Share Uber Ride With Princess Beatrice In NYC

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had a wonderful weekend in New York City for two reasons. One, they celebrated Kunis’ birthday and two, they reunited with their longtime friends, Princess Beatrice and boyfriend Dave Clark.

Kunis turned 32 on Friday, Aug.14, reports People. The couple was spotted around Manhattan with their baby daughter. They were later seen stopping for burgers at a burger chain.

During the weekend, the couple shared an Uber ride with friends Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark.

Uber driver, Dave Capellan, shared an Instagram photo of him together with the couples. Clark sat beside the driver while the other three, Princess Beatrice, Kunis and Kutcher posed in the backseat.

The driver told E! News that the group was very nice to him. They had a great conversation all throughout the drive.

Capellan shared about some topics that the group discussed. He said the couples enjoyed talking about yachts. Princess Beatrice even shared an experience on Oprah Winfrey’s yacht. Then the couple, Kunis and Kutcher, told hilarious stories of their experiences at sea.

It was clear that Capellan had an amazing time with the group. The Uber driver called them "hilarious" and believes that they are very down-to-earth.

These kinds of impromptu outings are nothing new for celebrity couple Kunis and Kutcher. Just last month, the couple and their daughter, Wyatt, went on an RV road trip through California to celebrate their honeymoon.

Now, after taking a break for her honeymoon, Kunis is ready to get back to work. She arrived on the set of ABC Studios looking fresh and confident, flaunting her post-baby tummy in a simple crop top. She was looking comfortable in her black skinny jeans and black flat shoes.

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