Mike Wallace, Famed 60 Minutes Reporter, Passed Away


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Sad news today for the journalism world as Mike Wallace passed away at the age of 93. He will best remembered as one of the toughest men on television as he interviewed crooks and saints alike on 60 Minutes.

CBS News has a lovely write up on Wallace detailing all of his accomplishments throughout the years. It turns out that throughout his career, Wallace interviewed the likes of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., the Reagans, John F. Kennedy and others. He was known for asking the tough questions that nobody else would even touch. He even at one point asked famed mobster Mickey Cohen how many people had he killed.

All of this is to say that Wallace was a legend in journalism. He has influenced legions of aspiring journalists to not just find the story, but ask the tough questions that need to be answered. Even though he retired in 2006, the journalism world, and the world at large, are a lesser place without him.

Here are some of our favorite times with Wallace:

His famous interview with Louis Farrakhan:

An interview with opera singer Maria Callas:

Wallace also interviewed Dale Earnhardt Jr. in one of the most interesting interviews of a NASCAR driver:

For more Mike Wallace goodness, check out this archive of his interviews from 1957-58. There's a lot of really awesome interviews in there with people like Salvador Dali and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Twitter has also reacted to the news with tweets of remembrance:

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Mike Wallace may you rest in peace. You made Sunday Nights memorable. If I close my eyes I can hear the stopwatch forever.
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