Mike Tyson: Deep Thoughts From The Controversial Champ

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Mike Tyson may be seen in the mainstream as sort of a buffoon and the butt of many a great joke, but he actually has an intellectual side that might surprise some.

The fact that Mike Tyson can wax philosophic may have gone largely unknown had former Jackass star Steve-O not revealed an interesting meeting between the two.

It seems Steve-O and Mike Tyson had a three-hour-long bathroom meeting that included discussions on racism and philosophy...and a lot of cocaine.

Steve-O told of the unlikely meeting, which happened after he rang the doorbell of a Hollywood mansion that happened to belong to Mike Tyson. When Tyson opened the door, Steve-O asked, "You got any coke?"

It just so happened that both of them were in the depths of drug abuse and yes, Mike Tyson did have some coke.

Steve-O said of the encounter, "So we locked ourselves in this bathroom. So there we are, and he asked me for a cigarette while I was chopping up a bunch of blow on the counter. He rolled it back and forth between his fingers and all the tobacco fell out, and he kept doing it until nothing was left except a tube of paper connected to the cylinder."

Mike Tyson filled that tube full of cocaine and smoked it. Then, the deep thoughts started coming.

Steve-O said he would sometimes blurt out inappropriate statements when he was in such a state.

He said, "...I said to him, my exact words, 'You know, Mike, I don't have a racist bone in my body, but I like to consider myself a [slur].' I'll never forget, he said, 'You ask me, the definition of that word is anybody who uses it.' And I was like, 'Damn! Iron Mike, deep as [expletive]!'"

It seems Mike Tyson is still pretty deep. Even though his infamous support of Donald Trump isn't considered deep or inspired, it is at least articulate.

Mike Tyson has supported Trump since before his candidacy was considered serious and he continues to this day.

When asked if he still supports the Donald, Mike Tyson said, “Yes. All day. Every day. Vote Trump,” and “If you want to get this city out of a dump, you better vote on Trump.”

He added, “He’s an underdog and no one likes the fact that he is winning. I know Trump. This is a good thing. Vote on Trump!”

What do you think of Mike Tyson's philosophical leanings?

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