Microsoft's Surface Still Works After A 30-Inch Drop

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The Surface YouTube channel has finally started showing signs of activity recently as Microsoft drums up the hype for its entry into the tablet market. The base $499 device has already sold out, but Microsoft still has plenty of hype left. Today's hype comes courtesy of a drop test that's shot in first-person.

Microsoft recently shared a video that's shot entirely from the Surface's camera. The drop test is being performed in front of what appears to be a group of journalists. A previous video already showed the Surface being dropped for testing purposes, but this shows that harrowing drop from a first-person perspective. It's actually kind of terrifying:

Beyond hardware abuse, Microsoft has also shared a video that details the hardware and software features of Surface. It's the first good look that we've had of the device since Microsoft's perplexing TV ad did little to actually show off the device.

The Surface launches this Friday alongside Windows 8. Microsoft is holding a launch party in New York City where Surface is expected to get plenty of exposure. It's seemingly already off to a great start, but Microsoft has plenty of early adopters. The next year will be crucial in gauging Surface's success especially once the Windows 8 Pro version of Surface is released.