Microsoft's Surface Lives A Secret Double Life As A Skateboard

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Microsoft's Surface, which just sold out this morning, is being billed as an incredibly sturdy device. The outer shell of the device is made with VaporMg, a material that's meant to feel like a luxury watch while being incredibly thin and resilient. To test that resilience, Windows boss Steven Sinofsky did the only reasonable thing - he turned the Surface into a skateboard.

Sinofsky tweeted out two images of the Surface skateboard yesterday via Twitter. A 10-inch rectangle would make for a rather awkward skateboard, but Sinofsky proved his point. The Surface can take a lot of abuse.

This is obviously a publicity stunt, but it's a fun one. I just wish they would have taken a video of what must have been an awkward ride. Thankfully, Business Insider points us to a similar stunt pulled off by professional skateboarders a few years back when they converted the original iPad into a skateboard.

New iPad Test - Will It Shred? from Todd Dever on Vimeo.

After the Surface and the iPad, we should make things a little more extreme. Will any skaters take up the challenge of skating on a Nexus 7? The smaller tablet would prove to be a much greater challenge, but it would be that much more of an accomplishment.