Microsoft’s Slick New Metro Interface Was Designed On A Mac

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Late last week CNET ran a story on Metro, a user interface discussed at length by Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer at last month’s CES. While Xbox and Windows Phone users already have a taste of Metro, the tile-based format will also be making its way on to Windows 8 in the not-too-distant future.

The interesting thing about the CNET article, though, is not Metro. Though the interface is certainly slick, what’s really interesting is the image that ran with the article. The photo (above) shows “Bill Flora, a key leader on the team that created Microsoft’s Metro interface.” If the title of this article doesn’t tell you why the photo is interesting, just take a look at Mr. Flora’s desk. Assuming that’s his actual desk, and not just where he decided to grab a seat for the photo op, then the Metro interface was designed in large part on a MacBook Pro, with an Apple monitor and either a Mighty Mouse or Magic Mouse (probably the latter).

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or an Apple hater, you have to admit that it’s at least a little bit funny.