Microsoft to Make Bing Announcement at Today's Conference [Rumor]

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With so much drama in the LBC circulating Microsoft's rumored announcement this afternoon of an Xbox-ish tablet, Microsoft may not be limiting the conference fun to its new line of hardware. Over on Bing's Facebook page, a photo was uploaded about 12 hours ago:

Bing Summer of Doing

The caption below the image reads, "Big things are coming to Bing tomorrow. You excited?!" Four people, seemingly at random and without any obvious association with Microsoft or Bing, were tagged in the photo.

Bing's already had a load of updates these past couple of months, including a dramatic pro-social redesign, the integration of Qwiki presentations and Encyclopedia Britannica answers among the standard search results, and improved local search thanks to Yelp, so what more could Microsoft have in store for its search engine?

I might be going out on a limb here, but I doubt it's a new line of 70s-tinged roadsters.

The conference is this afternoon at 3:30PM PST, so stay tuned.

[Via Neowin.]

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