Microsoft Thinks Internet Explorer 10 Is Perfect For Windows 8

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Windows 8 launched at midnight and is now making its way into the hands of early adopters everywhere. Those early adopters, if they're using Windows RT, are also being exposed to Internet Explorer 10. They don't have a choice as it's the only browser available on Windows RT. Even if you're forced into using it, Microsoft thinks you're going to like it.

The Internet Explorer 10 team came out today to proclaim that "IE10 is the Windows 8 browser." Once again, it's not like consumers have a choice at the moment, but it does seem pretty cool. IE10 was built with touch specifically in mind and Microsoft argues that it's "the first browser that is perfect for Touch."

To show off this new emphasis on touch, Microsoft created a browser-based game that's best played with touch controls:

Beyond playing simple games, the new IE10 features a number of touch controls designed to make browsing the Web easier. One such feature is called "Flip Ahead" that allows users to "advance to the next page, or article, or image on sites."

IE10 also features a unique take on bookmarks that lets users pin their favorite sites directly to the start menu. Hitting these pins will take you directly to the site without having to open the Internet Explorer 10 app first.

Microsoft is so confident that IE10 changes everything that they made it the exclusive browser in Windows RT. They would prefer you to use it in Windows 8 Pro, but that's a little more open. In fact, Google has already set up Windows 8 users with "GetYourGoogleBack," a site that provides links to both Google Web Search and Google Chrome for Windows 8 users.

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