Microsoft Surface Tablet Photos Revealed

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Microsoft's surprise announcement of its new Surface tablets was met with a mixed, but mostly positive, reaction. The new form factor brings Microsoft into direct hardware competition with Apple and other tablet manufacturers. The higher-end version of the tablet actually might compete with the MacBook Air and other ultrabooks. Most interesting of all, Microsoft has managed to create a hybrid of a tablet and PC that looks as if it could possibly work well as both. It's the device that finally makes Windows 8 make some sort of sense - no doubt what the company has been planning for all along.

Microsoft Surface

The most surprising aspect of the Surface tablets is the design. Manufacturers have been trying to emulate Apple's brilliant design and attention to detail for years now. Most have come up short, but the Surface looks to be a solidly-designed tablet. Kickstands are normally laughable when placed on mobile devices, but Microsoft has somehow managed to make the Surface's kickstand seem to fit with the device.The magnetic keyboard/cover for the tablet is incredibly thin and suitably stylish.

Speaking of the keyboard, Microsoft is showing some flair by displaying their new device with different colored keyboards. Already the company has shown black, white, red, pink, and blue versions. Check out all of the pictures Microsoft has officially revealed:

Microsoft Surface with blue keyboard

Microsoft Surface with pink keyboard, from the back

Microsoft Surface with pink keyboard

Microsoft Surface with white keyboard

Microsoft Surface withouth a keyboard

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