Microsoft Surface Pro May Cause Spontaneous Office Dance Offs

IT Management

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The Surface RT's ad campaign was defined by one thing - synchronized dancing. It was a little strange considering the ad didn't even tell the consumer what Surface was or what it could do. It just showed a lot of hip youngsters (and a sweet, old couple) getting down with their new tablet/PC hybrid. People must have liked the ad though as it's back again in the new Surface Pro advertisement.

The new Surface Pro ad features a similar dance routine as before, but now it's set in an office environment. The new setting raises a whole host of new questions. Will the Surface Pro lead to spontaneous flash mobs during the quarterly meeting? Will it inspire the vice president of the company to take up beatboxing? Microsoft seemingly confirms all of these scenarios to be the case.

Now, this latest ad may have you running off to pick up a Surface Pro, but I feel that I must temper your expectations. A report from CNET says that the 128 GB Surface Pro is sold out nearly everywhere. Microsoft may have intentionally understocked the Surface Pro after seeing the Surface RT's weak retail performance. That seems to have not been the case, however, and now the company is "working with [its] retail partners" to get more 128GB models into the hands of consumers.

If you can find one, let us know if it causes spontaneous office dance offs.