Microsoft Surface Book Available For Pre-Order


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The Microsoft Surface Book is a new laptop with pen and touch support. This is one of a handful of new Windows 10 devices unveiled last week.

The device has a a 6th generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processor with up to 12 hours of battery life.

"Building on its track record of pioneering new categories, Microsoft is redefining the laptop with the new Surface Book — a powerful, high-performance laptop with stunning craftsmanship and incredibly accurate and responsive pen and touch support," the company said in an announcement."

"The 13.5-inch optically bonded PixelSense Display delivers a high-contrast 267 dpi display with improved latency and parallax, making it not just beautiful to look at but natural and fluid to write on," it added. "The screen also detaches, so it can be used like a clipboard to sketch, take notes and benefit from Windows programs like Microsoft Edge. An optional discrete GPU allows Surface Book to harness the full power of hardware-accelerated graphics for seamless video editing, fast rendering or immersive gaming. Surface Book starts at $1,4995."

Early impressions from the tech blogs and those enough fortunate enough to give the Microsoft Surface Book a hands-on try have been mostly positive, though as many have pointed out, the steep price tag is bound to keep it out of reach of a great deal of consumers, especially as more are opting for more light-weight options like Chromebooks.