Microsoft Store India Hacked, Passwords Leaked

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The Indian Microsoft store Web site has been hacked. The Web site is currently inaccessible, but it previously feature a message from a hacker group called EvilShadowTeam.

From the language used in the hack and those claiming responsibility, the attack seems to have come from a Chinese group according to WP Sauce. The actual damage was not immediately present until the hackers released all of the Web sites users' account details - including passwords - onto the Internet for other hackers to have their way with. The unfortunate thing is that the passwords were stored in plain text making it ridiculously easy for the hackers to obtain them.

While the site is in Chinese, HackTeach has images that illustrate the extent of the damage and just how unprepared the India Microsoft Store was for an attack like this.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the hack, but I'm sure they will once they're able to fully grasp how far this attack went.

The only thing we can say is that if you have an account on the Indian Microsoft store, change your password now.

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