Microsoft Says All Digital Xbox One Isn't Happening


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Last week, a massive Xbox One leak hit the Internet revealing a number of games for the console. Alongside the reveal of games like Halo 2 Anniversary Edition and Forza Horizon 2, it was said that Microsoft was looking into the idea of releasing an Xbox One without a disc drive for $399 this holiday season. It was an interesting thought, but Microsoft says it's not happening.

Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter last week to address the latest rumors, specifically the rumor about the all-digital Xbox One. In response to a user asking if the Xbox One would be going all digital this year, Greenberg said, "No, you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet..." Well, that should clear things up.

Interestingly enough, the original leak said the all digital Xbox One was just a maybe at this point in time. While Microsoft may not have any plans at the moment, that could change as the year progresses. Microsoft may want to reduce the price of its console if sales start to slow down compared to Sony's machine. At that point, Microsoft will either have to keep selling at $500 or drop the price through either dropping the Kinect or the disc drive. At this point, it seems that Microsoft would be more willing to drop the disc drive over the Kinect.

If an all digital Xbox One were to happen, it would give Microsoft a chance to play around with the same DRM policies that ignited a firestorm of protest in 2013. An all digital Xbox One would be the perfect place to try out DRM methods like Microsoft's game gifting program that would allow players to gift their digital game licenses to another player. Microsoft would be able to deflect a lot of criticism this time around by saying that a disc-based Xbox One with traditional licensing terms was available.

This is all merely speculation for now though. Greenberg says it isn't happening, but that could change in the future. It's certainly a possibility for both the Xbox One and PS4 going forward as broadband adoption rises in America.

Image via IGN