Microsoft Revives Hover For Internet Explorer 11 Launch

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Later this month, Windows 8.1 will roll out to the millions of Windows 8 machines currently in the hands of consumers. The updated OS includes a number of enhancements, including Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft promises that it's new browser features all the modern Web standards users have come to expect, including WebGL, and has even revived one of its classic games to prove it.

Microsoft announced today that Hover, a game that shipped with copies of Windows 95, has been revived as an online game that runs on modern Web standards like HTML5 and WebGL. The game can be played with a keyboard, but Microsoft has positioned Hover as an example of its Touch API in Internet Explorer 11.

To celebrate the revival of Hover, Microsoft has put together a delightful trailer for the game complete with 90s-style narration:

Now you may be wondering, why bring back Hover? Why not revive other classics like Pinball or SkiFree? As it turns out, Microsoft didn't even think about bringing back Hover until they were approached by Hover superfan Dan Church. He pitched a remake, and Microsoft joined and Pixel Labs to help develop a modern version for the Web. They even added in online multiplayer for up to eight players.

If you want to try out the new Hover for yourself, head on over to the Web site. It works in any browser that supports modern Web standards so Chrome and Firefox should work just fine.

[Image: internetexplorer/YouTube]

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