Microsoft Reloads, Takes Aim At Google Docs With New 'Googlighting' Video

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Microsoft has received a serious bite from the fighting bug because lately it's as if the company has knives out at Google. For Valentine's Day, Microsoft lampooned Google Docs with a video attempt to emasculate Google's series of office apps. Microsoft apparently liked the taste of that snarky affront so they're coming back for seconds today again with Google Docs in their sights.

It's hard not to agree that Microsoft's latest video is pretty funny, regardless of whether you agree with the claims or not. Well, I suppose you may not find it to be so funny if you don't like tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

The info provided with the video is a little more pointed, calling Google "the world's largest advertising business" as opposed to, you know, a search engine company. This bumbling stooge seen in the video is what you get when an inexperienced or unreliable company tries to moonlight as a developer for office software, as well.

An accompanying blog post from Tom Rizzo over at Why Microsoft goes into more forward explanation as to why Google Apps aren't up to snuff when compared to Microsoft's suite of tools. For instance, the post says, "When Google began developing productivity tools, they banked on the fact that their web roots would give them instant credibility. However, as they quickly discovered, announcing new customers is one thing, deploying and keeping them is another. So after almost five years in the market, why has Google struggled to attract less than 2% of the market?"

It's a smarting swipe at Google's attempt to breach Microsoft's territory of office tools, for sure, but whether it convinces anyone of Microsoft's superiority is another issue altogether. Still, as I've mentioned before, I enjoy this side of Microsoft.

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