Microsoft Really Wants Desktop Users To Hate Windows 8

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Windows 8 is coming and there's nothing we can do to stop it. Microsoft obviously thinks it's a good idea, but who else excited for it? Some desktop users are pretty pleased with it, but there is one small issue - Microsoft's insistence on forcing users to go through the Metro Windows 8 UI upon start up.

Now that Windows 8 has been leaked, we are starting to see the final changes made to the OS. Unfortunately, ZDNet reports that Microsoft won't let users boot straight to desktop. You must go through Metro first before you're allowed to get to what really matters on a desktop PC.

What's even worse is that circumventions created during the beta phases no longer work in the final version. Intrepid users were able to create shortcuts that would automatically launch the desktop upon turning on the PC. Those shortcuts are now null and void. If you want to easily access the desktop, you'll now have to use keyboard shortcuts.

Even with keyboard shortcuts, the problem remains. There are some desktop users who don't even want to mess around with the Metro screen. It's a hassle and unnecessary to force what's essentially a tablet UI onto desktop users. Microsoft vehemently defends the decision, but we'll see how they react once it gets into the hands of more desktop users.

At best, Microsoft is going to issue a patch that will allow consumers to start in desktop mode. They have been known to respond to massive complaints in the past. A huge push from consumers should be enough to force them to reconsider.

Microsoft is obviously catering to tablet owners with Windows 8, but they should never forget their bread and butter. The desktop market is still huge and Microsoft has a responsibility to service them. Forcing them to use something that they don't like isn't exactly good service.