Microsoft Pushing Touch Ultrabooks For Windows 8

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Digitimes is reporting that Microsoft is pushing manufacturers of ultrabooks to alter their designs for better use with Windows 8. The new OS will feature the "Metro" user interface, designed with large button icons to be used with touch screens. It is a major, and, for some, confusing, change to Microsoft's flagship OS.

Since ultrabooks are so thin, using their screens as a touch interface could be tricky, as the screen would wobble with each poke. To remedy this, Digitimes' unnamed sources claim Microsoft is suggesting that manufacturers of ultrabooks look at alternative designs for the laptops. Not only that, but the hardware specifications for touch-enabled Windows 8-branded devices have been raised.

From Digitimes:

To support touch-enabled technologies available in Windows 8, notebook vendors will roll out ultrabook models with covers available in sliding- and folding-form factors in addition to the traditional clamshell form factor, revealed the sources.

The site also quotes sources as saying nearly one-third of ultrabooks with screen sizes above 13 inches will ship for the "year-end buying season" this year with touch capabilities. This seems to fit with rumors of an October launch of Windows 8.

What do you think? Are you anxiously awaiting a light notebook with a touch screen? Wouldn't someone who wanted a touch interface rather have a less-expensive tablet device? Is Windows 8 Microsoft's biggest misstep since Vista? Let me know your opinions in the comments below.