Intel Slashes Employee Pay Rather Than Reduce Dividend

Intel is showing where its priorities are, slashing employee pay in an effort to maintain its quarterly dividend.

GM Investing $650 Million in Lithium Americas for Lithium Mining

General Motors is investing $650 million in Lithium Americas to help develop the Thacker Pass lithium mine in Nevada.

PayPal Is Laying Off 2,000 of Its Workforce

PayPal has announced it is laying off roughly 2,000 employees, representing approximately 7% of its staff.

No More Free Peacock Plan for New Subscribers

Peacock has ended its free tier for new subscribers, only offering them a choice of paid plans.

ChromeOS Bringing Microsoft 365 and OneDrive Integration

Google is making it much easier for ChromeOS users to access their Microsoft data, adding Microsoft 365 and OneDrive integration.

Instagram’s Founders Are Launching An AI-Powered Social News Feed

Instagram’s founders are on to their next venture, launching Artifact, an AI-powered social news feed app.

Yahoo Teasing a Search Engine Return

Yahoo is teasing a return to the search engine market years after abandoning it to Google and Microsoft.

DOJ Launches Investigation of Tesla Over Self-Driving Claims

Tesla is being investigated by the Department of Justice over the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) and Autopilot claims.

US Tightens the Noose Around Huawei’s Phone Business

The Biden administration has tightened the noose around Huawei’s phone business, restricting access to older technology.

Google Is Now Rolling Out Its New Gmail Interface

Google is currently rolling out its updated Gmail interface, bringing together various elements in one view.

TikTok Is Making a Play for Search

TikTok is making a play for the search market, encouraging users to use it in place of traditional search engines.

GM Finally Begins Production of the Hummer SUV

General Motors has finally begun production of the Hummer SUV, over a year after production of the Hummer pickup began.

Fairphone 4 Slated to Receive Android 12 on February 1

Fairphone 4 owners are finally getting a major update, with Android 12 coming to the device on February 1.

It’s Not Just You: Windows Updates Are Failing

Microsoft Windows users are experiencing major problems updating their systems, with updates failing without explanation.

E3 2023 May Be Missing Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony

Despite being the first E3 in four years, E3 2023 may be missing the biggest console makers: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Latest Pixel Buds A-Series Firmware Kills Multi-Device Pairing

The latest Pixel Buds A-Series firmware has an unexpected side effect, breaking multi-device pairing.

Google Fi Impacted by Latest T-Mobile Breach

T-Mobile’s latest data breach may have cast a wider net than previous ones, with Google Fi customers among those impacted.

FCC May Fine Fox for Illegally Using Emergency Broadcast Tones

In a “what were they thinking?” moment, Fox is facing fines for using Emergency Alert Tones (EAS) to promote NFL Sunday.

Baidu Set to Unveil AI-Powered Search

Baidu is preparing to unveil an AI-powered, ChatGPT-like search engine based on the company’s Ernie tech.

JD Sports Notifies Customers of a Data Breach

JD Sports has notified customers of a data breach, although it says “the affected data is limited.”