Microsoft Office For iPad Coming November 10?

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A week ago we brought you news that Microsoft Office may finally be coming to the iPad and Android in November (sometime after the release of Windows 8, most likely). Now it seems that we may have a specific release date: November 10.

According to a report published today by The Daily, the Office Mobile development team has finished with app, as has the design group, who forwarded it on to the usability team. Once the usability team is done, the app should be sent on to the App Store.

While rumors of an iOS version of Office have been circulating for some time, there may be some truth to this particular set. For one thing, this report from The Daily and the earlier report from BGR match up pretty closely. For another, the timing makes sense: with Windows 8 just around the corner, a version of Office for Windows 8 tablets is bound to be on the way too. It's unlikely that Microsoft would release a version of Office for Windows 8 tablets without also bringing it to the iPad.

A request for comment sent to Microsoft has not yet received a response.

[Image Credit: The Daily]