Microsoft Loses Two Executives In Wake Of Nadella Being Appointed CEO [Report]

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Whenever a new CEO takes over, it's inevitable that there will be shakeups and departures on the executive level. Microsoft isn't immune to this. In fact, it seems far more susceptible to departures. Case in point, the company is losing two executives this week if a report out this morning is to be believed.

Re/code reports that Microsoft's EVP of Business Development Tony Bates and EVP of Marketing Tami Reller are both leaving the company this week. The news comes from sources close to the company who also report that EVP of Advanced Strategy Eric Rudder will be taking over for Bates and Chris Capossela will be taking over for Reller.

Alongside the departures, there will also be at least one internal shakeup. Capossela will not only be EVP of Marketing as he will also be taking on all of advertising too. Mark Penn, EVP of Advertising and Strategy, will presumably now just be EVP of Strategy. It should be noted that Penn spearheaded Microsoft's foolhardy and oftentimes outright deceitful Scroogled campaign so taking away the advertising department from him might be in everybody's best interest.

According to the report, Reller will stick around Microsoft for a while to help with the transition. Bates will be leaving immediately, however, as he reportedly told Nadella that "could not make a long-term commitment to the company." It's pretty apparent that he wanted the job of CEO and losing out to Nadella means that he'll seek a CEO position at another company.

The above departures and shakeups aren't the only to hit Microsoft since Nadella was named CEO. A report from last week said that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will be taking over Microsoft's Devices and Studios group - the division responsible for Windows Phone, Surface and Xbox.

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