Microsoft Hosting Launch Party For Windows 8, Surface On October 25

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For something that's launching in less than a month, we still know next to nothing about Microsoft's Surface tablet. We know that it will come in two flavors with the Windows RT ARM-processor based tablet launching alongside Windows 8, and that's about it.

Thanks to an invite being sent out today, we now at least have a concrete date for the launch of the Surface tablet. Microsoft said it would launch alongside Windows 8, but never actually gave a specific date. We now know that it will indeed launch right alongside Windows 8 at midnight on October 26.

Before the big launch, Microsoft will be holding a Windows 8 and Surface launch party on October 25 at its New York store. Other Microsoft stores (including pop-up stores) will begin selling Surface at midnight on October 26 for those who want to get a hold of Microsoft's first foray into the modern tablet computer market.

Strangely enough, Microsoft has still not announced a price for the Surface. At this point, I think it's safe to say that Microsoft is waiting to see what Apple does with the iPad Mini. The price and launch date for Apple's foray into 7-inch tablets is expected to be announced later this month, and Microsoft will undoubtedly price the Surface competitively. It's only speculation, but Microsoft could (and should) launch the Surface at below the iPad Mini's rumored $300 to $350 price range.

For now, we'll just to have wait some more to get any kind of concrete details on the device. The Surface is Microsoft's big chance to get Windows 8 into the hands of the tablet shoppers this holiday season. They can't afford to screw this one up.

[h/t: The Verge]

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