Microsoft Has Some Pretty Lofty Expectations For Windows 8

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Windows 8 will be launching later this month to much fanfare from Microsoft. They obviously hope the operating system does well, but what are their expectations? How many apps does Microsoft expect to have in the Windows Store by early next year? All these questions and more were answered in a recent interview.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Microsoft's VP of US Sales Marketing, Keith Lorizio says that MIcrosoft expects to have over 100,000 apps in the Windows Store within the first 90 days on the market. They also expect there to be more than 400 million Windows 8 hardware units on the market by July. He also says Microsoft's current expectations are "conservative." The company is obviously hoping they do much better than that.

Beyond apps and install base, Lorizio also talked up how Microsoft is going to handle advertising on Windows 8. He says that every app will have advertising of some kind. People who make apps for the Windows Store can hook up with Microsoft to offer advertising on their apps where both parties split the revenue. More established developers can of course use their own advertising platform and rake in all the money themselves.

At this point, the Windows Store is looking better and better for developers and users alike. Getting in at or near launch will be advantageous for the developer who wants to take advantage of early adopters. Your app will have a much better chance of being discovered at this point before the store gets overtake by everybody wanting a piece of Windows 8.

Of course, this is all dependent on Windows 8 actually being a hit. There have been numerous skeptics with rumors of even Intel's CEO saying the operating system isn't ready. The news of PC shipments falling for the first time in 11 years doesn't exactly inspire confidence either. Windows 8 may just turn everything around though.

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