Microsoft Edge Workspaces Now Available In Public Preview

Microsoft has released Edge Workspaces in public preview, giving users a chance to try out the web browser's new collaboration feature....
Microsoft Edge Workspaces Now Available In Public Preview
Written by Staff
  • Microsoft has released Edge Workspaces in public preview, giving users a chance to try out the web browser’s new collaboration feature.

    Workspaces is a way for users to share a collection of browser tabs with other users, making it easy for them to browse the same pages, add additional tabs to the group, and share them back. Microsoft has been testing the new feature in its enterprise public preview program, but now everyday users can join in.

    The company describes the feature in a blog post:

    We want to help you get more done and stay organized online – and we know that much of this often involves others. Edge Workspaces can help you streamline a task or project, like a trip, in one place versus having to share links with each other back and forth. In Workspaces, you can create a single, shared view of your group’s web pages and documents within a unique browser window, with real-time updates. For that trip you’re planning, you can invite those in your group to view the same pages, share flights, lodging options, and even create a shared document to collaborate on trip activities and plans.

    The company emphasizes that Workspaces respects user privacy and does not expose or share logins or other browser data:

    Within Edge Workspaces, updates to web tabs, favorites, and documents happen in real time. So even if you and your group are not in the Workspace at the same time, you can pick up right where you left off and all recent updates. That trip you’re planning? Everyone in the group can continue to add tabs, and make updates at their own pace – all while still keeping the group on the same page, at a time that’s convenient for them.

    Of course, when it comes to shared browsing, your privacy and security are also top of mind. It is important to note that this feature is not browser screensharing, nor does it share browser data among people who are sharing an Edge Workspace. Each user will only see content that they have access to. Moreover, you can only access Edge Workspaces if you are signed into a Microsoft account. This means a user will need to login with their own credentials to access an email account or content, or request access to a resource such as a Microsoft 365 document if they don’t already have it. Edge Workspaces will not share browser or confidential account data like logins, cookies, and passwords with anyone else who has access.

    Users who want to try out the new feature can access the public preview here.

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