Mickey Rourke's Sister Is Asking For Help

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According to a police report out of Miami Beach, Florida, a man broke into the house of Mickey Rourke's sister on Saturday. Patti Rourke was reportedly asleep at the time of the break in when she heard her house alarm go off.

Rourke told officers at the scene that she saw a man walk out of her kitchen. The burglar reportedly said "Oh my God" and then fled.

Rourke also told police that she ran after the would-be burglar and spotted him driving away in an SUV, maybe a Range Rover. The man had parked the car in the neighbor's driveway. She was unable to get a license plate number.

Tim Fine, Rourke's husband, was away on business at the time. He told Local 10 News, "She's the apple of my life, and I wouldn't want anything to happen to her while I was away. I feel if I was here, I'd have caught the guy." He added, "I’m not home to protect my wife. We’ve put cameras, alarm systems. You try to protect your family the best you can."

Rourke's surveillance system caught the man breaking into the house. She has released the footage and is asking for the public's help in catching the criminal.

The intruder did not take anything from the house and no one was hurt. Fine said, "If we can catch this guy, I know that my neighbors would feel a little bit safer. My grandchildren sleep in this house. It hurts me that someone like this is out there and I wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody.”

Of course, the break in has sparked concern among neighbors. "I’m surprised to hear of this type of criminal activity in this neighborhood. We’ve been here 23 years, and it’s been extraordinarily safe,” said neighbor Paul Singerman.

If you have any information regarding the investigation, please call Miami-Dade crime stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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