Mick Foley To Make Big Announcement On Facebook

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Mick Foley posted on Facebook on Sunday that he will be making a big announcement regarding his future on the social media site on Tuesday afternoon, but gave no hints as to what it might be.

“After giving the matter much thought, I have come to an important decision regarding my furure. I know that not everyone will agree with, or support the decision, but I do hope the decision will be respected. I will make the announcement on Tuesday afternoon," he wrote.

Foley recently spoke about his stand-up comedy career, saying that even non-wrestling fans can appreciate his sense of humor, but it's unclear at this time if his announcement has anything to do with that.

“It is a wrestling-centered story-telling show, but it’s accessible to non-fans as well. For wrestling fans, there’s no need to worry about me embarrassing myself with set-ups and punch lines, and for non-fans, they’ll have a much better time than they’re expecting. If they’re dragged against their will by a loved one, they will end up having a very good time," he said.

Foley says that various head injuries over the years from inside the wrestling ring led to his doctors advising him to stay away from what he really wanted to do. It became very important then, he says, that he still have an outlet for storytelling. Aside from comedy, Foley is also a best-selling author.

The WWE Hall of Famer also spoke about the latest crop of wrestling talent, saying he thinks they're doing a great job.

"I love the new talent. I think they’ve done a great job at the WWE. For all the flack they sometimes get for bringing in guys from the past to headline shows they’ve done this amazing job of making huge new stars from the developmental area. They come in and they really have faith and realize that building guys is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.”

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