Michelle Williams Talks Christian Faith, Dating

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Michelle Williams dished recently on her strong Christian faith and how it impacts her dating life. The former Destiny's Child singer and star of Fix My Choir on the Oxygen network says a lack of faith could prove be a deal breaker when considering whether or not to date someone.

"I want them to believe, I want them to believe in God. I believe in Jesus," Williams said during a recent interview. "Do you believe John 3:16? We believe in that, cool. Then we can talk."

She also shared something she learned about dating.

"Certain spiritual moments have been my teachers. One of my greatest lessons was to pay attention," Michelle Williams said. "I remember I was dating someone and on our first date, I knew that wasn't my husband. But I kept it going."

"I learned from that experience to pay attention to that thing that says 'No,'" she added. "Your greatest teacher is your spirit, your instincts."

Michelle Williams told the Christian Post earlier in 2014 about how important it is to let go of those who hinder your faith.

"I was in some business relationships, I was in some personal relationships that weren't best. Sometimes it's as simple as who you surround yourself with," she said. "I started to surround myself with the right people. I got back in alignment with my prayers and my studies."

She even shared that sentiment in a recent Twitter post.

As with many who profess their Christian faith openly, Michelle Williams has received some backlash. How does she deal with that?

"The backlash is there, but I just ignore it. I used to let it affect me, because it was like that little girl complex," she said recently. "I'm still human; I still have those feelings sometimes. But I have to just continue to do what I do."

Michelle Williams's latest solo effort, 'Journey to Freedom,' has earned her nominations for both a Grammy Award and an NAACP Image Award. It's clear that surrounding herself with the right people--and letting go of some who hindered her faith has definitely paid off for her--in more ways than one. Do you suppose one of the new 'right people' in her life will turn out to be someone she wants to date?

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