Michelle Wie Wins U.S. Women's Open

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Michelle Wie proves herself once again as one of the world's best players in the LPGA. Sunday's win at the U.S. Women's Open was her fourth on the LPGA tour and her second of the year.

Wie, 24, rose to fame a decade ago when she almost made the cut against the men in a PGA Tour event. She drew criticism for trying to challenge in men's events. That was before she had even proven that she could be a winner against the world's top women.

Now, she has solidified that proof, and Michelle Wie couldn't be happier about her victory over world number one Stacy Lewis. When she sunk a magnificent 18-foot birdie putt (which she described as the putt of her life), parring the last to secure victory at two-under 278, she raised her hand to her mouth in a gesture of disbelief before breaking into a radiant smile.

"I'm just unbelievably happy," she told reporters after her win. "I'm so honored to have my name on the trophy, just so grateful for everything."

Her victory was almost not meant to be, however. In a tense few minutes on the 16th hole where she double-bogeyed after a poor second shot and almost lost her ball in the grass. Those two minutes looking for her ball turned her stomach.

"I definitely gave myself a heart attack when I couldn't find that ball," she said.

"I was stressing out for sure. I also left myself a hefty double bogey putt. All you can do at that point is laugh. I joked with my caddie we really like to make things difficult for ourselves."

But in the end, Wie pulled it out to win the U.S. Women's Open and solidify herself as a true golf heroine in the eyes of herself and her fans.

"Obviously there are moments of doubt in there but I had so many people surrounding me... That's what pushed me forward," she said.

Congratulations to Michelle Wie!

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