Michelle Obama Cancels Fundraisers During Shutdown

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The government shutdown is affecting everyone, even Michelle Obama. Michelle had two fundraisers planned over the weekend and was forced to cancel both of them because of the shutdown.

The first fundraiser was planned for Friday and she was scheduled to headline a $32,000-a-head political fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Los Angeles. She had another fundraiser planned for Sunday in San Francisco. Proceeds from that event—with tickets ranging from $32,000 to $500 each—were to have gone to the Democrats’ efforts to recapture the House.

The events may be held at a later time, but no new dates have been released. President Barack Obama was originally supposed to attend the Los Angeles fundraiser last month. The crisis in Syria prevented him was from doing so and Michelle chose to go instead. Now neither of the Obamas will be making the event.

Government transport is limited during the shutdown as is privately funded travel. For now, Michelle will have to stay put and help Obama get through the shutdown. The Democrats are likely not happy about the delay of their fundraisers, as the proceeds would be used to help them keep Senate majority and regain control of the House in the 2014 mid-term elections.

The shutdown has caused problems for millions of people in the country and many wonder if the people that are apart of the shutdown are feeling the affects at all. While Michelle's travel problems may not compare the problems so many other are facing as a result of the shutdown, they are proof that the White House is also struggling to keep up with their normal activities during the government shutdown.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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